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I  post something you can read and enjoy any time I can. Genres can range from thriller and horror to sappy love stories. Have a suggestion? This is a place for creativity and growth. I am always looking for a challenge to write.

You can also check out my website: The Turnip Patch. You can get access to stories not posted anywhere else, drawings, and access to the first few chapters of my book “Darkness Succumbs.”

Latest from the Blog

WP: Real-life Subtitles.

This writing prompt was originally from Reddit. Occasionally I take on a challenge to post on there and I’ve decided to share it here for all of you! It’s been revised since I wrote this back in September 2021. I’ve made a little progress with how I have been styling my writing and learning to … Continue reading WP: Real-life Subtitles.

Whispering Death (part 20)

Hey Raga-rootlings. I just wanted to say thank you so much for reading and supporting me this far. Originally this story was supposed to be short, maybe even like 10 chapters. But here we are! Part 20! It has been a journey for sure! I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I … Continue reading Whispering Death (part 20)

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