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A place where you can read short stories, one-shots, series, and much more. I post usually every Wednesday/Thursday. Genres can range from thrillers, horrors, or even sappy love stories.

This is a place for creativity and growth. Feedback is always welcomed but remember: We all have our own styles. I am not perfect, nor am I a professional. All the work posted here is written and edited by myself. My stories are a way for me to practice and test my abilities; they won’t always be pretty, easy to read, or a major hit. I write to have fun and exercise my creativity.

Have a suggestion? I’m always looking for a challenge or writing prompt.

You can also check out my website: The Turnip Patch. You can get access to content not posted anywhere else; drawings, shorts, and access to the first few chapters of my book “Darkness Succumbs.” (which is still being edited!)

Latest from the Blog

Whispering Death (part 23)

Ocan and Hestar rushed to Lulu’s side, huffing to catch their breath. Unsure of what was happening, Hestar held Ocan close.      “On a scale of one to dangerous, how bad is the thing Drina’s about to do?” Hestar whispered in a hush towards Lulu.      Lulu held her hands up in front of her … Continue reading Whispering Death (part 23)

Drowning without Water

An original idea crafted into a short story. Nothing super crazy, just trying to express feeling and emotion through my words. -Turan The air hurts to breathe in. I struggle to focus on anything around me while walking home from work. My boss yelled at me again; saying something on the lines of “having a … Continue reading Drowning without Water

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