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I  post something you can read and enjoy any time I can. Genre’s can range from thriller horror to sappy love stories. Have a suggestion? This is a place for creativity and growth. I am always looking for a challenge to write.

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Latest from the Blog

Whispering Death (part 9)

Standing behind the doorway, Drina took a few deep breaths. This was it, it was the moment she had been dreading since agreeing to the terms of her contract. When was the last time she willingly let her power flow without restriction? Other than her loss of control of her emotions, this had been different.Continue reading “Whispering Death (part 9)”

Whispering Death (part 8)

The night had dragged out so slowly for Drina, her hands amply dealing out her tarot cards into a simple splay. It was another typical reading, making it harder for her to act neutral. Glancing towards the tent entrance, she hoped that someone would come to release her from her prison in hopes that sheContinue reading “Whispering Death (part 8)”

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